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ALEMAR supports you with any project from the start to the end and regardless of the place and time. Plan, track and manage your project using

Planning projects with

From simple projects to complex portfolios - nothing is impossible with

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With countless options, helps your team plan projects.

Clear responsibilities from the very beginning

Defining responsibilities before the project even starts ensures a fast project start. Defining standardized processes allows automation of recurring activities and ensures an efficient project flow and better communication.

Maintain an overview and process details

By using high level boards which contain only the important project details and low level boards where the individual work steps in the project are documented, both the overview and the detail view is ensured. Multidimensional board connection allows mirroring of important information and saves time.

Define dependencies of individual tasks and not have to make changes individually

By setting dependencies, when a deadline is changed, all dependent tasks are adjusted accordingly. This is especially helpful and time-saving for PMO roadmaps.

Visualization rethought

Simple and clear views for a clear perspective.

Easy customization

Use of existing board templates allows for quick customization to individual processes and a fast start with the new tool.

Automation of project start with new board from individual board template

Custom creation of a project board template and automated creation allow focus on the essential tasks to complete the project quickly and successfully.