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ALEMAR can help you, whether it's campaign planning, Facebook Ads integrations or budget planning, with all your marketing efforts by using

Plan marketing processes with

From planning to successful implementation - easier than ever with

Everything your team needs

With countless possibilities, supports your team in all marketing activities.

Overview and organization of the different activities in the marketing sphere

Campaign tracking, event planning, content calendar, brand management, product launches, social media marketing, email marketing, creative queries, digital asset management - there are board templates for all these tasks that can be easily customized to meet your individual needs.

Easy communication with everyone and centralized management of all information and content

All team members, even across departments, can be easily involved in collaboration. Many types of columns allow the collection and storage of all information and documents in one place. This saves annoying scrolling through emails or files and the time gained can be invested in solving project challenges.

Keeping track

Thanks to high and low level boards, their connection and mirroring of important information create an overview and record changes in real time. This saves time for creating reports that are already outdated by the time you review them.

Always up-to-date across all platforms

Centralize, integrate and align with the help of numerous integrations.

Integrations with over 200+ tools

Connecting with all the tools you already use allows for a clear overview and management of all activities in one place. Setting up each integration with just a few clicks saves time in the long run that can eventually be invested in marketing activities.