CRM & Sales with

ALEMAR helps you with all your sales and CRM needs. Track leads, manage your customer data or create sales pipelines with

Sales & CRM with

Manage sales pipelines or onboard new customers - all optimized with

Customization for all personal needs

Track leads, manage sales pipelines or engage new customers. Create all this in one place with

Manage contact requests

Automatically capture the inflow of requests via forms or email and never miss an incoming request again. Automatically alert when a new request is received. In the communication center, all e-mail communication with the customer is recorded. In addition, meeting and conversation notes can also be captured here.

All meetings in one place

Meetings can be added in the individual customer engagement element and recorded on an activity board. This way, all client meetings can be displayed in the board calendar and also shared in the personal calendar.

Automate your activities

Automations reduce the time spent on administrative activities such as: Reminders of upcoming contacts or deadlines. Use to collaborate on documents within your team or with your customers when using shareable boards.

Always and everywhere up-to-date

Real-time info no matter if you are in the office or on the go.

Always in touch

Stay up-to-date on the go with desktop and offline mobile solutions. Easily handle every interaction, deal, and activity from anywhere.